Program Information and Cost

Nurse Aide Class (approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing)

The Nurse Aide program consists of 85 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical instruction in a long-term care facility. The classroom portion includes direct instruction, hands-on training in a lab environment, skills practice, exams and preparation for the Virginia Board of Nursing certification examination.  We expect that every student will take and pass the CNA exam.

Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide

The HHA/PCA program is a 40 hour class which covers the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services Personal Care Aide curriculum.  This class is an entry-level path to a career in healthcare. The State of Virginia does not require a certification exam , but students will be required to pass a final exam in order to receive a RappU completion certificate. There will also be a five-hour clinical experience in an assisted living facility.

Medication Aide  

Students who have already completed an approved nurse aide course are eligible to take this 68-hour class. Students will learn basic pharmacology, the five rights of medication administration and proper techniques for oral and topical administration of medications. They will also learn how to perform blood glucose tests and how to administer insulin. Students are expected to take and pass the Virginia Medication Aide Board of Nursing certification exam.

Tuition and Application fee

Tuition for the Nurse Aide class is FREE for a Rappahannock County resident and $650 for a non-county resident.

Tuition for the HHA/PCA class is FREE for a Rappahannock County resident and $350 for a non-county resident.

Tuition for the Medication Aide class is $400 for a Rappahannock County resident and $500 for a non-county resident.

In addition to tuition, there is a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee – $25 for Rappahannock County residents and $100 for non-county residents, which covers the pre-admission requirements listed on the next page.  These requirements include a drug screen, a criminal background and criminal records check.

The application fee must be paid before you can receive your pre-admission packet. If you successfully complete all of the pre-admission requirements, you will be accepted into the program and will have to pay the full tuition for your class on or before your class orientation. There will be no tuition refunds after classes begin.

Your tuition includes all classroom materials including a textbook that you may keep after the conclusion of the class.

Exam Fees: The Virginia CNA exam fee is $94, the registered Medication Aide exam fee is $70. Exam fees are not included as a part of your tuition.  Once you have successfully completed the CNA or the Med Aide class, you can register for their exam. RappU will pay the CNA exam fee for Rappahannock County residents.